DesignWood Treated Wood

Bois Traités SC offers a full range of residential products using the ACQ (Alkaline, copper, quaternary). Pressure Treatment. DesignWood has an added pigmention during process to give it a warm western cedar color.

With DesignWood, enjoying the finished project will be instant and will save you time and money. Following recommendations will be necessary for long term satisfaction.

A large inventory at all times allows us to give a fast and efficient service, establishing stable relationships and trust with our suppliers, carriers and business partners.


Product characteristics

  • Does not contain arsenic, chrome or other hazardous chemical products
  • Approved by Health Canada
  • Offers a long-term protection against fungal decay, rot and termites
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • DesignWood treated wood can be used for home projects, playgrounds, schools, gardens, inside project and more.

Treated wood recommendations

  • After installation and dry to the touch, a waterproof wood stain should be applied immediately to any treated wood to add protection from cracking and color changing
  • If in contact or installed above other materials (Apparent siding, ramps, fascia…) a sealer should be applied before installation. Extra pigmentation could be left in the surface of lumber and stain permanently under components
  • Use recommended treated wood hardware
  • Pre-drilling is recommended to avoid splitting
  • Use DW-10-15 matching color from Bois traite S.C. for end cuts to maintain warranty and assure longevity
  • Contact with aluminum is not recommended
  • Treated Wood products found in Hardware stores are meant for above ground use only
  • It is possible to obtain an ACQ treatment for fresh water and ground contact use upon request
  • Moisture could appear on lumber in high humidity conditions but can easily be removed with a water and soft soap mix
  • Treated wood posts used for standard decking or fences should be supported or secured by stakes provided for this purpose.
  • Use ‘’P96’’ posts specially selected to reduce risk of splitting, cracking and twisting for railing deck posts and fence posts that are often exposed to sun and rain

It is possible to obtain an ACQ treatment for fresh water and ground contact use upon request